Hi! We are San & Hamid from Amsterdam.

With our company HostBN we unburden our fellow citizens who want to rent out their home temporarily. We take all of Amsterdam bnb providers out of their hands and pamper their guests so that their bnb gets great reviews. We distinguish ourselves through personal attention, flexibility and small scale.

What started as a hobby a few years ago has become our daily work. At first we only provided hosting service to friends and acquaintances. We were showered with positive reactions, both from the guests and from our friends and acquaintances. Because we did the work with pleasure, we decided to offer our services professionally.

We do everything ourselves: from check in and check out to cleaning and managing ads. This allows us to offer an excellent service at an attractive price. Another advantage is that the lines of communication are short: both landlords and guests can personally and personally reach San and me 24/7

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