Key transfer (check-in & check-out) and 24/7 service


.1. Beforehand: contact with guests via e-mail or telephone to discuss the expected arrival time and any other wishes, such as pick-up from Schiphol.


.2. On arrival: receipt and delivery of the key.


3. Guided tour of the house where we go through the house rules, expectations and travel information with the guests. We leave our contact details for the guests.


4. During the stay: we are available 24/7 for guests and for you. If there is a problem, we can immediately take action.


5. On departure: evaluation with the guests about how everything went and whether they liked it. Checking the house, taking back the keys and saying goodbye to the guests with a small attention. We will inform you that everything has gone according to your wishes and the guest has checked out.


1. We ventilate the house and make sure everything is neatly in place again.

2. We collect your mail and take care of your plants.

3. We clean the beds, vacuum the whole house and polish everything until the weather is fresh and shiny clean for you or the next guests.

Ad management

– Professional photography
– Attractive ad text
– Monitoring price and capacity utilization with the aim of achieving maximum return
– Acceptance / screening and communication with the guests
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